● Seawind has set up the Blue Alliance to form a global partnership with companies with key complementary skills which are critical to the success of our business and achieving our objectives


● Seawind has attracted and received commitment not only from companies with specific offshore wind competencies. Seawind is also engaging with third parties for other sources of competitive advantage: customers, suppliers, universities and divisions of government. All these parties are committed to contribute in bringing the Seawind Offshore Energy System to the market


● In building the Blue Alliance with our key Strategic Partners Seawind mitigates a significant risk to the business. The partners will contribute with their expertise, financially and ‘in kind’ investment


● There are no major conflicts of interest between the participants


● The Blue Alliance will act as a strategic advisory body that enables Seawind to commercialize it’s Offshore platform. Primary objective is to develop and build the Demonstrator in Norway followed by three commercial windfarms.


Global partners with clear motivation to enable Seawind’s technology contributing with financial and other resources to gain certain upfront rights. Blue Alliance will provide the guarantee to customers


Industrialization partners with distinct resources &/or relevant supply chain capabilities for Seawind’s development


Prepared to take a certain risk to bring innovation to the market to meet society’s needs


Local or regional stakeholders with strong connections and local know-how including relevant access to potential off-shore sites, local grid, etc. 50+% is local content