Welcome to Seawind

We’re creating the new generation of floating wind energy technologies

Seawind is dedicated to decarbonisation by redefining the global renewable energy industry.

Based on original research and development work by NASA and Hamilton Standard (today UTC), our Seawind 6 and Seawind 12 floating wind turbines and integrated foundations have been patented, proven and achieved first-phase certification. Compared to the current market, our solutions are exceptional. 

Innovative design
  • Twin-bladed rotors with teetering hinge and yaw control inspired by helicopter technology
  • No blade pitching, only yawing to deal with wind direction and speed
  • Design achieves lower torque and lighter drivetrain for higher rotation speeds, achieves low fatigue and longer life due to the teetering hinge
  • Only one mechanism to deal with wind direction and speed
Lowest green energy cost
  • 25-35% LCOE cost advantage* compared to state of the art 3-blade technologies
  • Optimised costs for manufacturing, operation and maintenance
  • Seawind technology is highly competitive against fossil fuel and renewable energy technologies
  • Reduced cost as the turbine and the support structure are designed as one system

* Floating Wind: The Power to Commercialize 2020, DNV GL; The next steps for floating offshore wind 2020, Arne Eik (Equinor).

Straightforward deployment
  • Macro components delivered and assembled by blue-chip supply chain partners
  • Towed out to sea for installation, without requiring cranes or heavy vessels 
  • 25% lighter nacelle weight* compared to 3-blade technologies
  • Less parts due to no blade pitching and lightweight turbine head

* Eize De Vries Paper 2020, Windpower Montly Magazine.

Unlocking green hydrogen
  • Supports energy transition global agenda
  • Stable and cost-effective electricity source for green hydrogen production
  • Lower intermittent power supply
Safe maintenance
  • Safe access by helicopter through helideck
  • Additional safe access by sea
  • Spacious nacelle for all O&M operations
Environmental responsibility
  • Less materials, reduced carbon footprint
  • No rare-earth metals 
  • No harmful pile driving at sea
Solutions for every need

Offshore wind solutions that meet the needs of large and small installations to support global decarbonisation

Large wind farms

Our 12MW turbine solution is a cost effective alternative for the development of large wind farms. Its unique design, assembly and method of installation will give a target LCOE of €40/MWh by 2030 (IRENA method).

Small wind farms

The 6.2MW turbine solution is perfect for small islands and coastal communities wishing to generate their own supply of low carbon renewable energy. Our solution can tolerate wind speeds upto 325km/h, making it the ideal solution for cyclonic regions.  

Energy transition – including green hydrogen

Seawind is dedicated to helping major power consumers decarbonise. We’re working on the production of green hydrogen and alternative solutions that will help you to offset, or replace, your carbon footprint.

Wind market challenges

Unlocking wind power at sea

Offshore wind is set to become the energy source of the future, reducing the need for fossil-based fuels globally. The offshore wind energy market is projected to be $1tr by 2030, and grow at >30% CAGR.*

Research estimates the technical potential for floating wind power is over 7,000 MW for Europe, the US and Japan combined, by 2030. This equates to a minimum market value of $20bn. The drive for cost efficiency has the potential to further increase this market value estimate and instigate rapid growth post 2030.

Unlocking these vast new floating wind opportunities, unavailable to fixed-base solutions, is currently plagued by high costs, the need for subsidies and environmental concerns.

Seawind has the answer.

* Future of Wind Report 2019, International Renewable Energy Agency.

Ocean Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) Member

OCEaN is a coalition of NGOs, wind industry and TSOs, joining forces to cooperate on the sustainable deployment of offshore wind energy. Seawind has ecology in its DNA; we design, build and operate so that the energy produced by our floating offshore units has no impact on marine habitats. For this reason we have been invited to the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature. Seawind is member since 2020. https://offshore-coalition.eu/

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Seawind’s floating wind turbine tech is recognised as one of the 1000+ clean and profitable solutions by Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation. In this context, Seawind’s Offshore Floating Wind Turbine system has been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation in September 2020. https://solarimpulse.com/label

Wind Europe Member

WindEurope is our ‘family home’. Seawind is a disruptive company, which nevertheless is always interested in synergies and business collaborations and this leading EU association is the best place for this to happen. Seawind is member since 2020. https://windeurope.org/

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance Member

Green hydrogen is our ‘destination fuel’. As member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an initiative under the auspices of EU Commissioner for the Internal Market T. Breton, we showcase how Seawind can produce large volumes of cost-efficient, green hydrogen offshore and onshore. Seawind is member since 2020, participating in the Roundtable on clean hydrogen generation and in a dedicated Task Force on hydrogen project permitting. https://www.ech2a.eu/

Japan Wind Power Association Member

Seawind is Netherlands-based company but with international focus. South East Asia is a major prospective area for floating wind and being a member of the Japanese Wind Power Association is fundamental for the company. Seawind is member since 2021. https://jwpa.jp/en/

Clean Energy for EU Islands Member

A European Commission´s initiative showcasing best islands practices, seeking for a clean energy transition. Seawind has the status of Supporting Organisation enabling the company to maintain a direct connection to islands in the EU and develop clean energy projects along with the Secretariat and local authorities. Seawind is member since 2021. https://clean-energy-islands.ec.europa.eu/

Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster Member

Norwegian Offshore Wind aims to be the strongest supply chain cluster for floating offshore wind world wide. Seawind has joined this platform in order to have a greater exposure to all active members of the Norwegian offshore wind  supply chain and receive first-hand information on market developments in this key country. Seawind is member since 2022. https://offshore-wind.no/

APREN- Associação de Energías Renováveis Member

APREN promotes renewable energy deployment in Portugal´s energy market, gathering around 90% of total the installed capacity of the country from renewable energy sources. Seawind bemefit’s from this association by having access to reliable and valuable information related to the national electricity market and regulations.  https://www.apren.pt/en/.

Forum Oceano Member

Forum Oceano is a hub related to maritime activities. This forum is very active and well recognised in Portugal for its network environment. Seawind benefits from this network by having direct communication, identifying, and engaging with key stakeholders for Seawind´s developing projects in the Iberian peninsula. http://forumoceano.pt/

ANEV-Italian National Wind Energy Association Member

ANEV is the environmental protection association that brings around 90 wind-related technology companies, with producers, operators and traders in the Italian market. Membership is important for Seawind  as it offers the opportunity to network, influence choices of technical standards  and contribute to legislative proposals. https://www.anev.org//


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