Welcome to Seawind Ocean Technology

A leading turnkey supplier of sustainable and cost-effective   floating & bottom fixed offshore wind assets

Seawind is developing innovative floating and bottom fixed offshore wind technologies to support global decarbonization

Based on innovative original research and development work by NASA and Hamilton Standard (today United Technologies), our Seawind 6 and Seawind 18 offshore wind turbines and integrated concrete floating foundations are patented and certified by DNV. 

Innovative design
  • Two-bladed rotors with teeter hinge and yaw control inspired by helicopter technology
  • No blade pitching, only yawing to manage the wind direction and speed
  • Lower torque and lighter drivetrain for higher rotational speeds
  • Low fatigue and longer life due to the teeter hinge
  • Only one mechanism to deal with wind direction and speed
Lowest green energy cost
  •  LCOE range between 20-25% cost advantage compared to state of the art 3-blade technologies
  • Optimized costs for manufacturing, operation, offshore logistics and maintenance
  • Lowest cost of CO2 emissions throughout our entire supply chain
  • No cost inflation from rare earth metals

Straightforward deployment
  • Macro components are manufactured and delivered by TIER 1 suppliers and assembled by world class EPC partners 
  • Towed out to sea for installation, without requiring expensive offshore installations vessels
  • 25% lighter nacelle weight compared to three-bladed technologies
  • Less parts due to no blade pitching and lightweight turbine head
Unlocking green hydrogen
  • Feasible and sustainable concessions for offshore hydrogen production
  • Stable and cost-effective electricity source for green hydrogen production
  • Sustainable business model for hydrogen production and supply to markets
  • Feasible and sustainable cost ratio (MW/kg)
  • Feasible and low-cost energy storage
Safe maintenance
  • Multiple access points for maintenance (sea and air – added helideck feature)
  • Safe, easy onboard deployment and replacement of components
  • Units and components designed for simple, easy and safe maintenance
  • Multiple escape routes and safety features to the highest standards
Environmental responsibility
  • Significantly lower CO2 emissions throughout our operations and supply chain
  • Zero carbon marine operations in our operating facilities
  • No use of rare-earth metals
  • No destructive and no invasive installation methods at sea
Technologies for the offshore wind industry

Offshore wind technologies that meet the needs of sustainable large and small installations to globally support decarbonization

Large offshore wind farms

Our 18 MW turbine is a cost-effective alternative for the development of wind farms in any water depth. Its unique design, and its assembly and installation methods result in lower installation costs and LCOE. 

Small wind farms

Our 6 MW turbine is ideal for small islands and coastal communities wishing to generate their own supply of low carbon renewable energy. Our integrated units can tolerate wind speeds up to 325km/h, making it also ideal for shallow and deep waters in cyclonic regions and electrification of oil and gas assets.

Energy transition & decarbonization

Seawind is dedicated to helping major power consumers decarbonize. We are focused and strive to offer competitive advantages through the deployment of our patented technology. At the same time we create our own projects where the best and most innovative electricity and hydrogen production technologies will be deployed.
Seawind is working with selected partners on electricity and green hydrogen production technologies that offset or replace carbon footprint at cost effective ratio.

Offshore Wind Market

Thanks to our highly reduced green energy cost technologies, Seawind is unlocking new markets

The offshore wind’s contribution to the wider energy mix will increase as we get closer to 2050, reaching about 40% of total wind production with a significant scaling of global installed offshore wind capacity, from 29 GW in 2019 to 1,748 GW in 2050.

Offshore wind is growing rapidly, to account for more than 60% of energy generated in 2050. Offshore wind will provide about as much energy as offshore oil and gas by then.


We are working with TIER 1 manufacturers/suppliers and world class partners to enable our cost-effective technologies and ambitious project development plans