Seawind. #1000Solutions to change the world

Led by Bernard Piccard, a pioneer who has been leading new ways of thinking, that reconcile ecology and economy, since 2002. Instead of focusing on problems, he promotes clean technologies and energy efficiency as financial opportunities to find solutions to climate change and ultimately decarbonisation.

Only companies that meet the stringent criteria are eligible for the Solar Impulse Efficient Label which is awarded for efficient, clean, and profitable solutions that have a positive effect on the environment and quality of life. The rigorous assessment is completed by a group of independent experts using a verified methodology, in collaboration with renowned institutions.

Seawind’s innovative, disruptive 2 bladed wind turbine technology has undergone the assessment and meets all the standards for the Solar Impulse Label. The Foundation only awards the label to solutions that meet it’s strict criteria and must contribute to one of five Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We are very proud to have been awarded the label and that the Seawind technology meets SDG7:Affordable and Clean Energy.  

To find out more about the Solar Impulse Foundation, visit their website