is a service company of the Seawind Group


BlueOceans is the portfolio management and project development entity of the Seawind Group. Since 2020 BlueOceans has been providing services to the different Seawind Group entities to scout, rank and select locations suitable for the developemtns of offshore wind energy projects.

The BlueOceans team in consultation with the Seawind team develops early phase concessions  up to the point when each  project increases its value and can be attractive for investors and partners to come in as co-developers.

Our current portfolio consists of projects under permitting in Europe, East Asia and USA for a total capacity of approximately 6GW.

Outside the Seawind Group, BlueOceans offers its services to private or public organizations that are interested in early assessment and development of offshore wind energy projects in Europe and Asia.


Our mission is to provide services to help clients develop detailed and sustainable offshore wind projects in technologically agnostic manner.


adhere to the Seawind Management System & CARE philosophy:

Commitment in our work

Accountability for our job performance 

Respect for each other and our environment

Empowerment of our workforce


Our services

Site assessment

We gather historical, wind speed and met ocean  available information & data on site conditions and surroundings to evaluate whether the site poses a feasible potential location and environment for an offshore commercial wind plant and/or whether further investigation is needed. 

Feasibility studies

Our study provide a detailed analysis that considers all of the critical aspects of a proposed commercial offshore wind plant in order to determine  its technical and financial feasibility.  Feasibility may be defined primarily by return on investment, meaning that the project will generate enough profit to justify the investment.

Our dedicated experienced teams define all requirements for the front-end engineering design (FEED) and critically assess all wind supplier options for the selection of the right technology of  the wind turbine units.

Scoping & Environmental impact assessment

The scoping we undertake entails the process of determining the content and extent of the matters which should be covered in the environmental impact assessment  to be submitted to the  competent permitting authorities of each country that the offshore commercial wind plants are planned. Impact assessments that are carried out on offshore commercial wind projects expected to have significant economic, social or environmental impacts.

Permitting applications & filing

We investigate, assess in detail and execute all processes required for the permitting of offshore wind wind projects that vary across applications and geographic areas.

Local content engagement

While we progress with the permitting of each project we provide a well-delivered stakeholder management plan with local content that offer significant opportunities for engagement and enhancement of the social and economic feasibility of the commercial offshore wind plant. Local content refers to the value brought through project employment, development of local workforce and procurement of local goods and services. 

Integrated concept wind engineering

We provide a detailed and in depth assessment and integration review of the wind turbine with the foundation and the rest of the subsea elements. We deliver the necessary design and engineering (pre-FEED and FEED) of wind turbines and their support structures bottom fixed and floating.

Wind plant productivity analysis

We are  quantifying the productive efficiency of a wind turbine, using power output and environmental variable data, measured either at the turbines or at a meteorological mast near the turbines. This analysis provides a very important insight  in asset procurement, CAPEX and OPEX planning and wind turbine control optimization.

Layout optimization

We assess in detail the different layout options of the commercial offshore wind plants. We compare the different  layouts and we minimize expansion expenses by creating space for the sea and air fauna and wind flow within the given limits of the  offshore wind plant. Optimal layout process include  allocating space and arranging the offshore structures  and other physical assets in such a way that the capital and operating costs are minimized and process efficiencies are maximized.

Economic evaluation

We profile the value increase of the project through each phase (Feasibility, Permitting, FID, Operation). We model the economic viability of the commercial wind plant coupled with the necessary sensitivity analysis. We undertake this process with the systematic identification, measurement and valuation of the inputs and outcomes of the alternative, and the subsequent comparative analysis of these.