Company statement on Russia-Ukraine conflict

by | Mar 4, 2022 | News

We, at Seawind, express our sincere empathy towards the people of Ukraine. Seawind would like to take a strong stand regarding Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

We are deeply appalled and shocked by the acts of war causing death and human suffering. These unacceptable acts by President Putin’s Russia go against all our values. Seawind is therefore taking all appropriate measures to fully comply with international sanctions against Russia and Byelorussia.

Seawind’s measures are not intended against the people of Russia, a great nation of scientists, thinkers, and artists. And they are not forever.

Diplomacy and dialogue could and should win over conflict; but first aggression against Ukraine must immediately stop and both parties must agree on an internationally recognised and backed peace plan. This is a sine qua non prerequisite for any reversal of our measures. 

We, at Seawind, believe that business and conscience go together, and we act this way in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 


For questions, please contact Kyriakos Gialoglou, Director Gov. Affairs, PR & Coms, MD Seawind Greece

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