What is digitalization and why we need it in offshore wind and hydrogen.

The right decisions start with the right data.

When we talk about digitalization , we think about just a component, or a system presented in 3D.  But digitalization is not only that. It is much more. Digitalization now means that every activity, every task , every operation ,every  decision made, every purchase, every component , every drawing, every system (mechanical or electrical) has been  placed in a digital framework . That digital framework records, tracks change, analyses trends, processes data and provides the appropriate and credible information to the different level decision makers.

In offshore wind and all offshore renewables there is a diverse range of operations and activities e.g., manufacturing and assembly,  installation, project management, maintenance, R&D etc. Furthermore, these activities are being executed in areas across the world. For all these activities to be financially sustainable it requires control on cost, timing and  quality. An excel spreadsheet or a simple email or a telephone conversations is not enough anymore to ensure these  activities are consistently monitored and controlled and analysed in a credible manner. The decision making on every activity must be based on solid and reliable processed data.

Every aspect of the operation in offshore renewables is complex and that entails risk for all the different parties. To mitigate that risk, we streamline every activity and every type of operation in offshore wind. By streamlining , we standardize. By standardizing we significantly de-risk the overall operation and activity.

PMIP is the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) streamlining and control tool made by Seawind Ocean Technology powered by Microsoft.

Discover the power of Digitalization and AI through the PMIP.

Come and experience the digital future of offshore renewables with us.

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