Governance & Management 

Board of Directors

Seawind is governed by a Board of Directors that balance senior industry experience and technical expertise, with proven ability to deliver technologies and projects.


Vincent Dewulf

Non-Executive Director & Chairman

Martin Jakubowski

Non-Executive Director – Co Founder

Silvestro Caruso

Non-Executive Director – Co Founder

Eugenio Belgiojoso

Non-Executive Director – Co Founder

Michael Carboy

Non-Executive Director


Dimitrios Moudouris

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer


Gert-Jan Ros

Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Patryluk

Non-Executive Director

Natasha Seghers

Non-Executive Director

Guy Outen

Non-Executive Director

Executive Management

Dimitrios Moudouris

Chief Executive Officer


Maarten van Aller

Chief Operations Officer


Gert-Jan Ros

Chief Financial Officer

Geoff Henderson

Chief Technology Officer

Victor Ojeda

Chief Commercial Officer

Our Team

Claudio De Donato

Group Business Development Director

Kyriakos Gialoglou

Ivett Hirling

Finance & Accounting


Kyriakos Gialoglou

Vincenzo D'Elia

Managing Director Italy


Kyriakos Gialoglou

Hidetoshi Otsuka

Managing Director Japan

Penny Tokmakidou

Data Process & Management

Qiong Harthill

Internal Legal Counsel


Ingrid Rommens

Company Secretary


Ahkam El-Zawahry

Regional Director MENA



Nikos Chanos

Director of Human Resources


Kyriakos Gialoglou

Sebastiaan de Ronde Bresser

Director Investor Relations & Funding



Takashi Kuroko

Deputy Managing Director Japan



Frank Hinrichs

Project Manager – Offshore Wind Farms


Bernardino Federico

External Consultant Public Funding



Olivier de Ronde Bresser

Project Engineer


Sesto Avolio

Deputy CTO & Chief Turbine Dynamicist


Santo Mandrillo

Chief Mechanical Engineer


Jan Niesten

Hydrogen Project Development Manager


Roger Bullen

Slipform Engineering Manager

Fabrizio Sardella

Chief Blade Engineer


Giampietro Ravagnan

EIA & Carbon Market Manager


Isabella De Rosa

Social Media & Brand Manager


Paul Martin

Junior Project Engineer

Bea Vure

Offshore Wind Consents Analyst


Advisory Board 

Seawind has established a network of advisors to support the development of the planned technologies and projects.

Arthouros Zervos

Ruben Eiras

Leon Harland


We are working with TIER 1 suppliers and world class partners to deliver impactful technologies and green energy projects

Seawind has established a cost effective, reliable and secure supply chain of tier-one suppliers to deploy and further develop our innovative technologies.