Founders & History

2019 – Today

Certification by DNV and becoming a global entity

In 2019 Seawind Ocean Technology received ‘Technology Qualification’ status for its two bladed design from DNV in December 2019. An schedule to full certification was agreed with DNV resulting in Type A achievement in 2025 (Seawind 6) and 2027 (Seawind 18).

In 2020, Seawind Ocean Technolgy started executing a business development programme to enter new countries and markets with high prospects and growth. Up to today Seawind have incporporated entities in the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, United Kingdom and in Singapore.

2014 – 2017

Seawind Ocean Technology is born.

In 2014, Martin Jakubowski, Silvestro Caruso and Eugenio di Belgiojoso decided that the two bladed technology has great potential as they noticed the shift of the wind industry towards the offshore deployment.

In 2014 they incorporated Seawind Ocean Technology B.V. in the Netherlands. Seawind Ocean Technology bought in 2015 all the assets of Condor Wind Energy Ltd., including all technological and intellectual property.

All shareholders of Gamma Ventures  became shareholders of Seawind Ocean Technology Holding B.V in 2017.

2010 – 2014

Two- bladed turbine and the teetering hinge

In 2010 BlueH obtained a multimillion grant from a public-private partnership between international energy and engineering companies and the UK Government, to design a 5 MW floating wind turbine on a TLP support structure, using the Gamma 60 technical features , including the two-bladed teeter hinge.

In 2012 and after the BlueH shareholders declined to pursue the further development of the two -bladed turbine, Martin Jakubowski and Silvestro Caruso, established Condor Wind Energy Ltd. All relevant intelectual property were acquired from BlueH to allow Condor Wind Energy to further develop a proprietary two-bladed offshore wind turbine with teetering hinge as the differentiating element. Condor Wind Energy Ltd stopped operations in 2014.

2004 – 2007

Moving towards floating offshore wind energy

In 2004, Martin Jakubowski established BlueH Technology Ltd to develop floating offshore wind turbines. SkySaver srl, the Italian subsidiary of BlueH Technology Ltd, received a grant and permit to install a pilot two-bladed wind turbine on a floating foundation (TLP type) off the Straight of Otranto, in the Southern Adriatic Sea.

Through the BlueH offshore floating wind pilot project, Martin Jakubowski and Silvestro Caruso met for the first time in 2006.  The two bladed wind turbine of Gamma60 was  deemed to be the best solution for offshore wind deployment. It was agreed between BueH and Gamma Ventures that further development of the two bladed technology would occur. In that context Gamma Ventures sold a turbine and manufacturing rights to BlueH.

In 2007, Martin Jakubowski & Silvestro Caruso, within the BlueH and Gamma Ventures parntership installed the world’s first floating wind turbine off the coast of Tricase, Italy in a water depth of 113 meters.

1997 – 2003

The first successful two-bladed prototype

In 1997, Silvestro Caruso was mandated by Finmeccanica to undertake an independent review of new and innovative wind turbine designs. Silvestro Caruso concluded that a two bladed design by Gamma Ventures technology had great potential. That design was the Gamma60.

Funded by the consortium of Enel, Finmeccanica and Hamilton Standard three Gamma60 two bladed wind turbines were manufactured in 1993. One Gamma60 unit was deployed onshore in the island of Sardinia and successfully tested for four years.

In 2003, Glid Doman, Silvestro Caruso, and other shareholders established Gamma Ventures, Inc. to buy the two remaining Gamma60 two bladed wind turbines including the intelectual property and the manufacturing rights from the Gamma60 project owners.