The Generation 1.0 Demonstrator, the Gamma 60 wind turbine, was installed in 1991 in Sardinia, Italy to prove
that power control by yawing is a reliable and well- functioning way of controlling a wind turbine.


Seawind distinguishes itself from traditional wind turbine manufacturers as wind turbine engineering teams traditionally do not design both the support structures and installation methods at sea.

The Seawind technology and turbines were developed for grid scale energy production in the US using the most sophisticated simulation software for helicopter rotors coming out of Hamilton Standard and NASA fundamental research results. This made it possible to adapt most efficiently to any wind conditions with the highest tolerance, reliability and safety under all weather conditions.

The Seawind team deployed the first ever 80-kW floating wind turbine off the coast of Apulia, Italy in December 2007.












The Seawind Management Team as per January 2018

1975  Glidden Doman leads Boeing and Hamilton Standard (now UTC Aerospace Systems) teams in developing two-bladed wind turbines: MOD-2 (2.5 MW) in Goodnoe Hills, Washington; WTS-4 (4 MW) in Medicine Bow, Wyoming; and WTS-3 (3 MW) in Maglarp, Sweden.  The technology is based on NASA research, see: NASA wind turbines
1991  Glidden Doman, drawing inspiration from Kurt Hohenemser (the partner of Anton Flettner), introduces yaw power control in the two-bladed Gamma 60 (1.5 MW), the world’s first full variable speed wind turbine with teetering hinge, in Sardinia, Italy.  Aeritalia (now Alenia), Finmeccanica, & ENEL support the Gamma 60 project; which is proof of the Seawind concept.
2003  Glidden Doman and Silvestro Caruso (Co-Founder Seawind) buy Gamma 60 technology
2004  Martin Jakubowski sets up Blue H
2007  Silvestro Caruso starts upsizing and upgrading the Gamma 60 technology in Blue H
2008  World’s first floating wind turbine installed in the Southern Adriatic Sea by Blue H
2014  Seawind Ocean Technology, founded by Martin Jakubowski and Silvestro Caruso, developing the complete Seawind 6 offshore wind energy system (turbine, support structure and how to install it at sea)