Hydrogen is the feasible and credible solution for energy storage to stabilize the increasing imbalances that exist between offshore wind and the electricity grids

Offshore wind and hydrogen

The energy mix has always been a balancing act between the benefits and costs of creation or extraction, storage, transportation and waste/disposal of that energy in the initial form of electricity.

Today the wind energy is globally at the centre of the green energy mix, given the huge potential for an abundant resource. However, the wind  source is frequently hindered by periods of both oversupply and undersupply.

The electricity produced from offshore wind plants is the central element of the road map to an integrated (electricity/hydrogen) and decarbonised energy system. Global industry leaders are looking to hydrogen as a means to reach their increasingly ambitious sustainability objectives.

The relatively cheaper and clean electricity produced offshore by wind plants is the key to the sustainable and secure  production of hydrogen to meet a growing demand. This will require intermediate and parallel steps with other technical solutions for hydrogen.

As industries move away from grey hydrogen, which is based on methane and produces CO2 as a by-product, towards cleaner (but much more costly) green hydrogen, more investments and projects are being planned and executed to integrate offshore wind electricity production with hydrogen production.

Hydrogen production offer unprecedented opportunities to expand offshore wind, as offshore energy technologies can be integrated, giving the flexibility to shift production to match resource availability with operational needs and market factors. When there is excess electricity production from wind farms, then rather than the current common practice of reducing generation, the excess power can be used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis—and, even more importantly, to store it for future use.



Hydrogen use

We see the main use of hydrogen being as:

  • Feedstock for industry and mobility
  • H2 as means of decarbonization for heavy industry sectors
  • Energy carrier for the electricity systems/grids

Hydrogen is the enabler of feasible and credible solution for energy storage to stabilize the increasing imbalances that exist between renewables such as offshore wind and the electricity grids.

Hydrogen is and will become more in the future a global commodity. Hydrogen is a green energy vector that is easily transportable and thus enables global trade and energy imports to Central Europe.

Seawind and hydrogen

We see the hydrogen market as an important enabler of our offshore wind project pipeline (ITALY, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, IRELAND, GERMANY, GREECE, TURKEY, EGYPT)  with local production and import.

Until 2030+  we are actively involved in several hydrogen technology and project developments as equity holders, developers and technology providers.

We are actively part of partnerships and consortiums that are intrinsically focused in the hydrogen integration and product development. We have established partnerships for energy transition with TIER 1 European and Asian companies.

We are part of the designed hydrogen value chain:


With our experienced teams and our partners, we currently undertake:

  • Country and technology pre-selection
  • Market off-take requirements
  • Route planning
  • Feasibility and availability
  • Bottom-up demand forecast
  • Hydrogen quality requirements
  • Hydrogen pricing mechanisms
  • Financial modelling and business case, KPIs, sensitivity analysis
  • Industrial alliances and business architecture , MoUs Roles, Equity stakes, legal structuring, derisking, organizational design

We have great ambitions in GW-scale starting from 2030 with focus in the diversification necessary in technology and supply routes. We are actively growing our project portfolio continuously to satisfy the predicted demand of hydrogen production.

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