Oristano Construction & Assembly Port

The Oristano Construction and Assembly Port (CAP) is a facility that has been set up by Seawind Ocean Technology, in the industrial harbour of Oristano in Sardinia, Italy.

The Oristano CAP has been developed to facilitate a) the construction of floating concrete support structures for very large offshore wind turbines, b) the assembly of the wind turbine units and c) the launch the entire integrated unit into the water.

Selected partners led by Seawind Ocean Technology will operate the Oristano CAP for the production, assembly, installation of floating wind turbine units in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Oristano CAP is a unique facility on an industrial port area at the west coast of Sardinia where offshore wind assets can be constructed and assembled at a fraction of the current cost. The Oristano CAP will help offshore wind farm developers to overcome high costs in floating offshore wind and put Italian SMEs at the heart of the supply chain.

A differentiating point of the Oristano CAP is the use of Bioconcrete. This is one of the most innovative environmental and low carbon approaches in the construction of the support structures for offshore wind assets.

In its full build-out the Oristano CAP will be able to construct, assemble and launch 50 units with 15 – 18 MW wind turbines per year, which corresponds to about 1000 MW per year.

Discover the benefits of sustainable offshore wind operations at Oristano Construction & Assembly Port.
The Oristano CAP is the premier facility for the construction and assembly of offshore wind assets serving the Mediterranean region. Come experience the future of offshore wind with us.

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