Seawind’s new product development and entry into the bottom fixed market targeting the UK, US and the Baltics

by | Oct 25, 2022 | News

Seawind Ocean Technology, a leading turnkey supplier of floating and bottom fixed offshore wind assets, announces an engagement agreement with GICON®, an internationally active engineering service provider for fixed and floating offshore wind farms.

October 25th, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Seawind Ocean Technology is addressing the major offshore wind energy challenges whilst concurrently maximizing the economic benefits for commercial projects. With Seawind’s disruptive and proven turbine technology, in combination with the innovative floating or bottom fixed solutions, Seawind offers a huge competitive advantage both in CAPEX & OPEX bringing down the levelized cost of electricity. Seawind is dedicated to decarbonization by redefining the global offshore wind industry and by generating clean, affordable, and reliable energy for all seas and oceans, including cyclonic areas. The focus of the engagement agreement will be on re-designing Seawind’s ‘Float-to-Fixed’ base structure concept, which was developed by Seawind in 2015.

Within the framework of this agreement, GICON® will assist the technical team of Seawind to readjust the ‘Float-to-Fixed’ concept on certain aspects of concept design. Through this engagement agreement, GICON® will support Seawind’s ambition to redefining the offshore bottom -fixed segment of the wind industry.

Seawind’s CEO, Dimitrios Moudouris, said “Seawind is pleased to engage with GICON® as a knowledge and design partner, a world class German group of companies with innovation as trademark. GICON® has an exceptional record in development of innovative technologies for the green offshore & marine markets, that will further enhance the success of Seawind’s ground-breaking wind technological solutions.

GICON’s Head of Wind Engineering, Dr.-Ing. Frank Adam, said “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract by Seawind Technology. Based on our many years of experience in offshore wind engineering for fixed and floating solutions, we are confident that we can provide Seawind with the decisive advantage in the design for their solution.

Dr.-Ing.Frank Adam & CEO Dimitrios Moudouris


About Seawind Ocean technology
Seawind Ocean Technology designs and produces with its tier-one partners integrated bottom fixed and floating offshore wind energy systems composed of a two-bladed wind turbine and a concrete support structure, which can be deployed in shallow (20 – 60 meters), deep (60+ meters) and ultra-deep (up to 3,000 meters) waters and in cyclonic areas. The units are completely assembled in a harbor and then floated and/or towed over to the site for anchoring.

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The GICON® Group is an association of independent engineering and consulting companies with over 450 employees. Consulting and engineering services are provided in the fields of approval, environmental and construction planning, among others. As a full-service provider, the areas of mining and geotechnology, information technology, soil and water management as well as wind engineering and energy technology complete the group’s portfolio.

In the wind energy sector, the company has extensive know-how and significant experience in the planning of both onshore and offshore wind farms – fixed and floating – ecosystem survey and geological investigations with the total capacity exceeding 30,000 MW