Market-leading technologies for performance, cost and global decarbonisation

Seawind’s innovative high-performing turbine

Since achieving qualification from DNV GL for the Seawind 6-126 and Seawind 12-225 technologies, we’ve optimised the timeframe to enable commercial availability within the next three years.

Working together with our blue-chip partners, the Seawind 6 floating offshore wind solution will hit the market in 2023, followed by the Seawind 12 solution, in 2024.

We’re currently in the process of selecting the test site to fully demonstrate our solutions at full scale. We’re very proud of our unique turbine technical specification which outperforms existing 3-blade technologies.

Key features

Upwind twin blade technology

Increasing generation efficiency and improving rotor stability

Teetering hinge

‘Decouples’ shaft from rotor, protecting the turbine from harmful loads

Active yaw control, higher speed

No pitching. Optimising power output and a reduced turbine head weight 

Ease of assembly and installation

Towing by tug and straight-forward anchoring, reducing installation cost and risk

Simple, robust design

Focussing on cost reduction in both CAPEX and OPEX

50+ year life span

Designed for a life span of over fifty years, with 1 major turbine refurbishment; minimising LCOE

The right technology at the right time

To help the world decarbonise and to access the untapped offshore floating market, Seawind has matured a technology that is now ready to be deployed.

We’ve optimised the commercial availability process with DNV GL to enable our technologies to become commercially available in the next few years. From a rich heritage the Seawind 6 solution will be available in 2023, and Seawind 12 solution in 2024.

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